About the National Faith Leaders Conference

Houses of faith and communities of color are experience hardship and acts of hate at an alarming rate. Lives are being lost, injustices are being committed, and many communities of color and houses of worship are ill prepared to respond. The Massacre of 9 members of the Historical Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC, initiated a series of hate related attacks on houses of worship included arson, graffiti, and violent encounters with members of certain religious communities. There is a great need to empower organizations to maintain identity, while building relationships to support safety, build entrepreneurs, focus of youth education, and track the results to support sustainability efforts.

  In response to this difficult community and economic reality, COR CDC, in community with the Orange County Interdenominational Alliance and other faith based/ community organizations, will host a National Faith Leaders conference.

  This conference will bring together hundreds of faith-based community leaders, local and national government representatives, financial institutions, mission-centered organizations to discuss (1) the challenges that communities of faith are experiencing, (2) how to build the necessary community and civic relationships to impact change in the community, (3) provide consumer education, (4) support the effort the get more high school students in to community college, (5) introduce small business opportunities, and (6) recognize the need for programs that prioritize the education of underserved under represented at risk youth.

   Our goal is to offer tools that capture data, train leaders to protect houses of worship and communities of faith, and create partnerships that equip minority communities to sustain current programming.
  - Faith-based Community Development: (Socio-economic Equality, Civic Engagement, Social Justice)
  - Promoting New Jobs Through Small Business Development
  - Financial Literacy - Accessing Educational Opportunities